The International Consulting Network Approach

The ICN (International Consulting Network) was created to formalize the relationship between six consultancies who have been working together successfully for more than ten years.

The initial drive to work together was the need for internationality. The majority of programs now have some international dimension. It is often important to have local consultants who understand both the practical and cultural issues. ICN has offices and associates on all continents who have worked with us to deliver international programs.

The second, very practical drive for cooperation, was the availability of specialized, subject matter expert consultants. Across the ICN companies there is a wide range of experts – from many different manufacturing areas, supply chain specialists, and people who specialize in leadership, team-coaching and cultural change.

The third issue is an effect we have experienced from working together across the slightly different cultures of our own companies and countries. People come together in teams who have slightly different views, backgrounds and approaches. This has an effect which questions conclusions and broadens thinking. The cooperation between differing ICN and client team members has an enriching effect we had not expected.

Our approach to client programs is to select the best and most appropriate talent and experience from the ICN group. For simplicity, the responsibility for client programs is usually taken by one of the member companies.

"ICN is a network of equal, independent partners. This ensures that we only work together when actual, measurable added value develops for our respective customers," explains Hans-Georg Scheibe, member of the Management Board at ROI Management Consulting AG. "At the same time, all members feel bound by the same high professional standards and share the most important values with regard to customer satisfaction, quality focus and dealings with employees and partners."

ICN consultancies have completed over 1,000 successful projects and last year worked in 9 European countries, USA, Brazil, China, Singapore and India. Key sectors are Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Machinery and Plant Construction, Electronics, Infrastructure and Construction, Energy, Oil and Gas.