Consulting for Construction and Infrastructure

Building and maintaining assets involved in national infrastructure is a challenging business. Whether in the up-front planning and design phases or in the physical construction and maintenance itself, the complex approval, tendering and supply chain processes are fraught with the potential for delays and rework that lead to cost and time overruns.

Our experience working with public and private organizations means we understand how to address these challenges. We have in-depth subject matter expertize in this sector and are well used to working in highly complex environments where time, reliability and safety are pre-eminent. We help implement significant process improvements to eliminate waste, reduce end-to-end lead times and achieve substantial cost benefits.

We work in all parts of the Construction and Infrastructure supply chain from Client, Prime and Sub-contractors through to raw material suppliers. We have a deep understanding of the often dynamic, collaborative nature of this sector and how to integrate often diverse teams into high performing project organizations. Our approach works particularly well for the sorts of temporary project teams typical of Construction and Infrastructure Teams because it quickly develops knowledge and skills, establishing a common approach and language that can be transferred from scheme to scheme.

In addition, we have worked with national infrastructure management bodies, such as the Highways Agency and Network Rail in the UK fundamentally to challenge and change the way significant parts of the sector operate.

The benefits we help our clients realise are impressive. Some specific examples are illustrated below:

Reduction in total scheme costs (excluding land)

approx. 5% p.a.

Construction timescale on specific activities


Rework (e.g. Technical Queries)


Approval process time

shortened by 40%

Design growth

significanty reduced

Supply chain lead times halved

completion 3 month early

Productivity on specific activity

increased by 80%

Plant and labour cost on specific activity

reduced by 60%

Defect rates on mechanical process

down by 90%

Return on Investment attributed to Lean Construction

greater than 30:1

Continous improvement culture

embedded and sustained