Consulting for the electronics industry

This industry continues to develop new devices and technologies to challenge product design, manufacturing and supply chain operations.  Our consultants have a breadth of expertize in electronic industries including sourcing, supply chain design, product design support, cellular organization design, and quality improvement.

The volumes, size and speed of electronics production call for precise design and high quality conformance. Bringing production on-line requires exacting standards to assemble reliably at high speeds. This requires good planning and design, and sometimes additional problem-solving using design of experiments and other quality improvement tools.

Sourcing, selection and bringing on-line electronic suppliers requires a mix of technical, supply chain design and project management skills. The range of skills available from our INC consultants in Europe, Asia and the US enables us to support this type of exacting task. We have consultants who have led multi-skilled teams in this type of sourcing.

The International Consulting Network can help you to balance flow through supplier facilities to achieve short effective lead-times, low inventory levels and high customer service.

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