Understand Lean through simulation

For  the launch of a new vehicle, a Car Manufacturer plans to manage the electrical systems with a new Lean approach:

  • A single Cabling Design
  • No customization of the range,  or optional  features
  • Synchronised assembly and supply  of cabling only 28 minutes before car assembly  

This new vehicle represents a breakthrough in the production control and the supply of the electrical systems.


  • Supply daily combination of more than 30,000 P/N without inventory, without missing parts
  • Simplify flows and Control
  • Reduce the cycle times and be more reactive

Our Approach

  • Define the LEAN SIGMA principles to manage the Production
  • Pull, Visual Management, Management tools to diversity, handling, zero paper, ...
  • Train the whole workforce in the new approaches by
    • Developing an internal training center
    • Using a simulation tool which demonstrates the flow  and the roles of all team members


  • Use of an Industrial Organization Reference to reflect the LEAN SIGMA choices
  • Development of a teaching simulator using the production system characteristics
  • Choice of the game elements
    • Selection of procedures and instructions (quality, scheduling, maintenance, …)
    • Inventory of the malfunctions  to appear in the game (absent person, missing part, breakdown or equipment in degraded mode, …)
    • Building of the scenarios and of the animation (confrontation of 2 teams, mark attribution)
    • Detailed schedule of a session
    • Development and production of props  – cards, trays, ...
  • Running the trainer's training sessions, coaching of the trainers during their first sessions

 Client benefits

  • The contractor achieved the high volume growth required including adapting to large demand fluctuations, and achieving the performance objectives
  • 12 weeks were saved on the Teaching Programmefor the whole workforce
  • Improved social climate and communication, Team spirit developed