Center of Excellence in Automotive Tier 1

The client’s facility is dedicated to manufacturing gearboxes with a high level of diversity and push flow calls to vehicle Assembly facilities.

A comparative study, performed by an independent body across Europe shows high performance KPI's discrepancy with competitors.


  • Build significant opportunities to return  to the LEADER position in European gearbox Production
  • Define the Long Term Industrial Strategy of the facility

Our Approach

  • Value Stream Mapping analysis starting with representative products
  • Simulates flow layout to optimize flows 
  • Load / Capacity analysis and optimization plan of resources (Equipment and Human)
  • Introduce  close coupled flow management tools


The current situation analysis highlighted significant opportunities. A Breakthrough Industrial Model was developed based on:

  • Assembly
    Line layout of assembly for A class,
    Flexible assembly shop for B class,
    Externalization for C class
  • Machining
    Cells for major parts of the gearbox
  • Parts supplying
    PULL System with all major suppliers (internal and external)
  • After validation, the Industrial Model lead to detailed specifications:
    Bid slicing: Assembly equipment, Machining, Buildings, Information System...
    Writing up of detailed specifications ready for bidding


  • High improvement of Customer's Service Level
  • Lead times divided by 2
  • 20% reduction of production costs
  • Absorption of volumes (increases) without modification of surfaces