Consulting for the automotive sector

Quality, delivery on-time and low cost are assumed pre-requisites in the automotive sector. There is unrelenting pressure to:

  • Support a changing global footprint
  • Innovate design
  • Provide ‘breakthrough’ designs providing new functionality and lower costs
  • Drive production efficiency

ICN consulting teams have automotive experience in Engineering, Manufacturing and the development of high performing cross functional teams. This combination can be invaluable in assisting you to meet ever more exacting targets in automotive supply. The combination of expertise available from our consultants can help to deliver benefits ranging from establishing successive kanban chains through your facility and out to your suppliers, to performance improvement driven at operation team level, to relocation of facilities.

We have worked with supplier cells to enable exacting schedules containing mixed optional features to be shipped, moved facilities to new locations to optimise total costs, designed new production facilities complete with supplier delivery arrangements.

The mix of disciplines enabled by the ICN will enable us to provide you with a very capable team.

Read more about our consulting appraoch in our Case Studies.