Consulting for the aerospace sector

The major plane builders expect more from their supply partners than any other industry sector. In order to supply a major part of the plane, key partners may:

  • Contribute to the cost of the development of the plane
  • Develop their own product design for the plane
  • Supply free prototypes
  • Provide maintenance and spares systems to support their product in service
  • Commit to reducing costs on a continuous basis

Quality and delivery on-time are assumed prerequisites.

Development programs are quite lengthy. Where significant new technologies are involved, the risks of elongated timescales and cost overruns can cause a significant level of business stress.

ICN's consulting experience with aeroplane builders and suppliers gives us an understanding of the sector and a level of subject matter expertize which can help you to compete and deliver under exacting circumstances.

We have assisted aerospace clients with a wide range of developments such as:

  • Delivering new concepts in terms of modular product design and direct delivery for assembly
  • Providing maintenance facilities focused and structured to deliver a reliably high level of customer service
  • Designing maintenance management and spares provisioning processes and systems to deliver high levels of service on a global basis
  • Developing teams to reduce costs continually, and increase quality and capacity

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