The International Consulting Network —
Excellence in Product Development, Operations and Supply Chain Management

Today, industrial roadmaps don’t end at country borders. For professional global support we founded the International Consulting Network (ICN). We are where our customers are, for more than ten years, in more than 2,000 international consulting projects, and in more than 30 countries around the world. However, it takes more than an office in Shanghai, Warsaw, or São Paulo in order to design and optimise international development and production networks. Without comprehensive knowledge of local structures, the basic geopolitical, economic, socio-demographic, and logistical conditions at the location, as well as heightened sensitivity for cultural contexts, it is impossible to implement a sustainable strategy.

ICN relies on local experts with many years of industry and management expertise in the regions. The particular advantage of our partner network lies in the experienced, multinational consulting teams and the time-tested processes. For more than 10 years, we have been jointly carrying out advisory projects with the same, proven methodology.

1st Class Results

We’re driven above all by the desire to convert ideas for our customers into concrete results in the shortest possible time. In this regard, sustainable lowering of costs, increasing of revenues, improvement of quality, high efficiency, and resilience in product development and production are the primary objectives, against which we also measure ourselves.

These successes can be documented with renowned references, including important stock exchange companies, which you are welcome to discover here.