Lean Product Development

Embedding Lean Supply Chain, Manufacturability and Supportability into product designs

The objective of Product Development teams used to be to develop the product and services to meet customer expectations, at the right cost and in a short timescale. Today, Design for Manufacture, Design for Supply Chain and Design for Supportability are increasingly necessary to create increased value from the product. On release, the product must be produceable in volume, with very low defect levels, in a short lead-time and at low cost.  Many of these issues come down to producing a Lean design - for which the whole Supply Chain is Lean.

Lean product development requires design and simulation of the complete Supply Chain processes as an integral part of the product design process.  Issues to be taken into account include:

  • Location of producing facilities and proximity to customer distribution networks
  • Packaging of product, container packing density, readability of identification data from outer packaging
  • Weight of product
  • Lean process simulated for all key components
  • Adherance to design rules for chip designs and electronic assemblies
  • Expert designs for plastic and machined parts in order to match manufacturers production process / equipment
  • Use of standard specification raw materials, fasteners and standard parts (used before if possible)
  • Use of globally portable material and processing specifications
  • Optimising of carbon footprint and green credentials
  • Simulation of total product lead-time
  • Simulation of loading / capacity on manufacturing processes and equipment, including set-up efficiency and queue times

Lean Product Design requires teamwork from many areas of the business and usually from key suppliers. ICN has subject matter experts who will support your joint teams through the product design process bringing to bear the Lean Design issues - enabling the product to deliver increased value to the business.